Welcome to Don’t Look Down. Now—look down.

“The mix of self-deprecation and sincere introspection make this one of my few, must-read stacks. Readers of David Foster Wallace or Karl Ove Knausgaard will enjoy Corey's sharp insights.”

Jody J. Sperling, author of the Luke In Time Mysteries & host of TRBM, a podcast for writers and readers to connect

“Corey is honest and raw. He's also perceptive and funny. His writing often feels like he's found a porthole to the inside of my head. He writes fiction and non-fiction. He writes what's on his mind. And mine.”

Elizabeth Beggins, author of Chicken Scratch

What is Don’t Look Down?

You know when somebody says, “Don’t look down,” when you’re high above the ground, and the next thing you do is look down? Cool, well, that has nothing to do with this newsletter. Okay, it does, but I decided to rewrite this page past my bedtime and can’t recall my intention when naming this newsletter. Sorry. If you read this and think I couldn’t be worth your time, read a post or check back here later for a wittier description.

If you like literature and poetry, you might enjoy my work. I post musings, personal essays, knock-knock jokes, fragments of my struggles to survive in public places, and the occasional short story. I might even write a poem.

Yes, I sometimes place paywalls halfway through my posts. I tried to keep everything free, but people seem reluctant to pay for something they get for free, which is a bummer because I hate paywalling my words. I put tremendous effort into my work here, though, and can only rationalize the time spent on this newsletter if it makes a little money. So if you decide to stick around for more than one post, please consider a paid subscription and get full access to the newsletter and website.

Guess What?

When not writing essays and short stories, I freelance as an editor. My services include copyediting, developmental editing (fiction), line editing, and manuscript evaluations. I typically work on novels and memoirs but have edited several nonfiction books. If you ever need an editor, feel free to contact me. You can message me directly through Substack or contact me through Upwork.

I also help fellow substackers polish their newsletters, or I review their work, make suggestions to improve their writing, and give overall feedback. Don’t believe me?

“I've read a million books about writing, and yet Corey’s guidance still allows me to look at writing in general and my writing in particular with fresh, clear eyes. It seems that every day there are more and more people on Substack selling tricks to grow follower lists, but Corey actually knows what he’s talking about.”

Alex Johnson, author of Alex’s Blog & Worked Examples

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