What is Don’t Look Down?

You know when somebody says, “Don’t look down,” when you’re high above the ground, and the next thing you do is Look Down? Cool, well, that has nothing to do with this newsletter. Actually, it does, but I decided to rewrite this page past my bedtime and can’t recall my intention when naming this thing. Sorry. If you read this and think I couldn’t be worth your time, read a post or check back here later for a wittier description. If you like literature and poetry, you might enjoy my work.

My mind is chaotic. I like self-consciously examining that finicky bugger, taking notes, and reporting them in the newsletter. If I were to summarize what I write about using one cliche, it would be “exploring the human condition”.

I post once a week or every other week, musings, personal essays, knock-knock jokes, fragments of my struggles to survive in public places, and the occasional short story. I might even write a poem.

Now what?

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Corey Smith

Freelance writer and editor.