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With my podcast, I went through an Update/Changes Ahead period. Two of them, actually. I enjoy the burst of clarity you get from it.

And because you didn't ask, I'll share one observation I've learned along the way. The subscribers you want, the ones that will do your bidding (insert ominous cackle), they won't be bothered if you stuff their inbox.

Two emails a week won't scare them off. If you've ever subscribed to the Chuck Palahniuk feed, you'll quickly discover that hundreds of thousands of people actually pay that dude to send them between one and five emails a day. A DAY!!!

And as a gesture of hypocrisy, if you email me five emails a day, I will unsubscribe. Keep it below that, and I'll hang around. Looking forward to what's next for you, Corey.

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You write well, I will wait for your further work!

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First post I've read. So, why not subscribe and see where it goes? OK. How did I get here? We mutually liked a Poetic Outlaws stack. Good enough. :)

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well I like the title Don't Look Down cos it's different, so there

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